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Simone Rochas Blue

Simona Murialdo Sànchez

is a professional illustrator and Art Directior.

She studied Fashion Illustration at Central Saint Martin College and has a BA in Graphic and Multimedia Design from  London Westminster University.

Back in Milan in 2002, she became a lecturer at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni, while consulting as

Art Director for different fashion Brands  and Magazines.

In 2022 she became Programme Leader in Istituto Marangoni Milan for the Fashion Styling area.

Among her clients are Oxford Press, Elle UK, CIA Illustration, Agency Roger La Borde, FashionWeekly, Evening Standard, Bulgari, Harvey Nichols, Escada, Curatoria Design, and more.

As an NFT artist, a selection of her work can be found in  Foundation App.

Simone Rochas Blue



IG @simona_murialdo_sanchez

CARA @Fashionillustrated

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